Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weird and funny things about AutoCAD

Staying late at night while browsing the net. I've come to think about pouring a little bit of humor on this blog by putting a post about something weird and funny things going around relating to CAD tools and softwares. There's a lot of things that I've found but I have to shortlist it before posting it here. Here the two most weird and funny things that I have found.

The first one was kind of old since I have already seen this image long before I start blogging. It's about a screen capture of AutoCAD release 14 having these weird pull down menus (as seen in fig.01 below).


Well I have to say that most of these commands, what I like most are "Ctrl+Y" and "Ctrl+I". Okay, come on! You're not going to judge me because of that right? Just kidding. What's yours?

The second one that I've found relates to one of my previous post How to quickly memorize AutoCAD commands. I did forget one tip that will have you quickly memorize AutoCAD commands and that is by having those commands which are hard to remember on your body parts. Yes, you heard me right. Just like this man did to his arm (see fig.02 below).


This post came from If you've done this one then you might not forget these commands your whole life. I'm wondering if there would be a chance that I would've done this a long time ago. What commands would it be? Hmmm.

How about you? What commands are going to have and which body part are they going to be? You can post your comments and suggestion below or hit us on Facebook or on Twitter. Until then.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing the Design Feed from AutoCAD WS 1.5

It's finally here. The latest update for AutoCAD WS just came out and one of the features that all of its users should watch out is the new Design feed.

Autocad Design Feed

Now for those who haven't seen it or used AutoCAD WS yet. It is a web app (what's a web app?) that lets you view and edit DWG files without any CAD software installed on your machine. So it means that you always can view and edit your drawings whenever you have access to the file and the internet. I know, you got the idea right? If you like to get on its official website it is located at

Autodesk released the next version of AutoCAD WS Mobile release 1.5. It has a new feature called Design Feed which is a mechanism for context-specific posts (like on social networking sites) that allow real time and asynchronous collaboration from within the drawing file. It is located on the right side of the screen that looks like a thread of comments wherein designers could add a post and tag involved people on the projcect. Yes, they have taken the best things about the social networking website and infused them into the design process. They recognized the need to provide tools that help us collaborate with our team on our own time in an intuitive and streamlined way.  These people could then receive an email letting them know about the latest information about the project and then they could open a link to that file and see what's going on. For more details see video below.

The AutoCAD WS 1.5 Design feed is totally leveraging the best of the cloud to help us achieve the best design collaboration that users and designers needs.

The latest update for AutoCAD WS could be downloaded below.
AutoCAD WS in the App Store:
AutoCAD WS in Google Play:
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

HowtoCAD chrome extension: You're just one click away

I am proud to introduce to you all our latest HowtoCAD chrome extension which could be downloaded directly from this site. What does this chrome extension do? When installed, what you need to do is to just click the icon which is located on the right side of the omnibox (shown in fig.001 below) to get a peek on the most latest topics on this blog.
When you click the icon, a pop-up window will come out having a scrolling list (shown on fig.002 below) of the most latest topics from this site. Giving you effortless access to this site. What you have do to do is to click a topic from the scrolling list then it will open a new tab showing you that specific blog post.
HowtoCAD blog Chrome Extension can be downloaded just below of this page. If you are having a hard time installing the Extension, you can read How to open and install .CRX files. For more details and questions regarding this extension, please don't hesitate to use our comment

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