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Autodesk Associate/Professional Certification

Are you Certified?
Well don't be the last one to know. You can and you will be an Autodesk Certified Professional if follow these steps.

Autodesk Associate or Professional Certification. The power to be remarkable. Gain a powerful advantage with Autodesk Certification

When you become remarkable, your employer becomes remarkable too
As a design professional, Autodesk Certification demonstrates your aptitude. But you are not the only beneficiary. For an employer, your Certification means that they get the most out of their software investment, strengthening their own competitiveness.

Make your mark on your industry
As an Autodesk Certified professional, it’s important to be able to demonstrate your achievements in a meaningful way. You’ll
receive an electronic certificate that can be printed and framed, or attached to your CV. In addition to this you will get the official
Autodesk Certification logo that you can use on your business card, CV or letterhead to identify you as certified, as well as the opportunity to
list your details on the Autodesk’s publicly available database of Certified Professionals.

Immediate diagnostic feedback from Autodesk experts
Whether or not you pass the exam, you receive immediate feedback on the areas where you can improve your Autodesk application skills.
Your score report with feedback is available anytime through your Autodesk online testing system profile.

Performance-based testing – proving your experience
Autodesk Professional-level Certification includes performance-based testing. That means you are tested in your ability to perform tasks,
rather than on answers to questions about how they might be accomplished. Performance-based testing is widely accepted as a better way of
ensuring that you have the skills needed for that application.

Assess your knowledge of your Autodesk application before Certification
Autodesk assessment tests will help determine your general knowledge of specific Autodesk applications. These online tests assess your
Knowledge of the tools, features, and common tasks in an Autodesk application. This means you can measure your readiness, boost your
confidence and identify areas of knowledge that should be developed prior to Certification testing.

Bring yourself up to speed with Autodesk Official Training Guides
Preparation is everything. Autodesk Official Training Guides and the comprehensive Exam Guides enable you to review the knowledge and
skills covered in the certification exams. Each book includes lessons covering the main sections of the exam, as well as exercises for most of the
performance tasks that you will be required to complete during the examination.

How to become remarkable
To earn Certification you need to pass an Autodesk Certification Exam, or a series of exams, and follow some simple steps.

Your five-step guide to getting started:

1.     Select the Certification that’s right for you:
Choose the level and the Autodesk application that is best for you. Certification is available for many Autodesk applications. Learn what to expect by reviewing the comprehensive Exam Guide detailing the skills you need.

2.     Assess your readiness:
Take an assessment test to measure your knowledge of the application, and to identify areas for further study and preparation.

3.     Get the training you need:
Enhance your skills with Autodesk Official Training Guides, or take classes at an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC®) site.

4.     Apply your training:
Practice what you have learned to gain experience.

5.     Take the required exam:
Register for your exam online.

Examples of Official Autodesk Certificates

Why choose Autodesk Certification?

·         Validate your skills and knowledge reliably
·         Accelerate your professional development
·         Enhance your credibility within your field
·         Strengthen your CV with an Autodesk Certificate and logo
·         List your details in Autodesk’s Certified Professionals Database

Questions and Answers about Autodesk Certification
1. What is the Autodesk Certification Program?
The Autodesk Certification program enables experienced users to receive special recognition for their knowledge of Autodesk software applications.
2. Who should attempt certification?
The certification credentials are for anyone seeking to validate their knowledge of Autodesk software. The design and visualization industries are competitive environments, where only the best stand out. Anyone who uses Autodesk software for professional reasons can benefit from the program by emphasizing their skills and knowledge with an official certification from Autodesk. An individual who has achieved Autodesk Certification has validated their knowledge and skills of the performance tasks specified for the specific examination.
3. What Autodesk products are Certification exams available for?
Autodesk offers certification exams for AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Revit Architecture and Autodesk 3ds Max Design.
4. Where is Autodesk Certification available?
Autodesk is available around the world. To find an Autodesk Certification Center near you go to and search for a center.
5. What is the required passing score on Autodesk certification exams?
The passing score varies by exam. Please refer to information about a specific exam to determine the passing score. These can be found at
6. What happens if I do not pass?
If you do not pass, you will receive a diagnostic score report that indicates areas for improvement. You may then retake the examination as needed. There is no waiting period and you may take the exams as many times as you wish. You will have to pay for each attempt – re-takes are not free.
7. Once granted, does certification last forever?
Certification validates your knowledge and skills using a specific release (year) of an Autodesk application. Although certification for a particular version of an application never expires, certification is not considered current unless you have passed the latest exam.
8. How do I update my certification from one release to the next?
Recertification requirements are available in either the Exam Guide of Exam Preparation Roadmaps for the certification you wish to earn. Be sure to download these important documents from for full recertification requirements.
9. How much does it cost to take the examination and how do I pay?
Exam costs vary by region. To find out the cost in your country go to, and search for an certification center near you. They will quote you a price.
10. How do I prepare for the certification examination?
For information on how to prepare for certification, download either the Exam Guide of Exam Preparation Roadmaps for the certification you wish to earn. Be sure to download these important documents from for a full list of recommend preparation materials. AUTODESK CERTIFICATION - Q & A 2
11. What do I receive when I become certified?
When you earn Autodesk Certification status you earn the right to use the official Autodesk Certified logo in marketing your Autodesk skills (on business cards, websites and Résumés) as specified in the logo usage guidelines. You also have access to your electronic Certificate, and if you choose, you may request your certification results be available in the Certified Users database.
You will need to log in to your profile to view your certification history and access your score reports, certificates, and any associated certification logos. To log in, visit

12. Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Email with any questions about the program.

Now for my fellow Filipinos who has insterest on having their very own certification. There are already two companies that are now authorized by Autodesk to conduct certification examination. They are Microcadd Technologies and C.I.M. Stanford IT. You can drop a visit at their offices or make a call for inquiries and further information.

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