Saturday, July 21, 2012

HowtoCAD chrome extension: You're just one click away

I am proud to introduce to you all our latest HowtoCAD chrome extension which could be downloaded directly from this site. What does this chrome extension do? When installed, what you need to do is to just click the icon which is located on the right side of the omnibox (shown in fig.001 below) to get a peek on the most latest topics on this blog.
When you click the icon, a pop-up window will come out having a scrolling list (shown on fig.002 below) of the most latest topics from this site. Giving you effortless access to this site. What you have do to do is to click a topic from the scrolling list then it will open a new tab showing you that specific blog post.
HowtoCAD blog Chrome Extension can be downloaded just below of this page. If you are having a hard time installing the Extension, you can read How to open and install .CRX files. For more details and questions regarding this extension, please don't hesitate to use our comment

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